How To Get Settings Icon Back On Iphone Screen


How To Get Settings Icon Back On Iphone Screen. Follow these steps to recover iphone data after fixing the settings icon problem. Open spotlight search, and type settings.

Missing the App Store Icon on Your iPhone? 3 Ways to Get from

When it is searched in the spotlight, on the right side of the screen, it might display the folder it has been shifted to. then reboot the iphone again. See also organize your apps in.

From App Library On Ios 14.

If you find it, you can tap the settings icon to open the app. At this point the icons should be back on the screen as expected. [where is my settings icon] have you turned on your iphone and find your iphone settings icon missing, or you accidentally deleted the settings icon from your home screen, don't worry.

Let’s See How It Work.

Go to settings > general > iphone storage and locate apps, videos, or other large data hogs, and remove them from the iphone. An additional option to try is a hard reset of the device. Open spotlight search, and type settings.

Need More Help With Ios? then reboot the iphone again. Open settings, tap general and then click reset. From settings, hit general, then choose reset.

Go To The App Library And Open The Utilities Folder.

To get back to your iphone setup screen, you will need to erase your iphone. With this program, you can easily reset your ios device back to normal, which will bring all default apps back to your iphone screen. Make sure the iphone has at least 1gb of storage space freely available.

Restore Various System Issues Of Ios Devices, Without Data Loss, No Skills Required

Use search on your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch. If not, try a restarting the phone. Follow the steps we have outlined below:

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