Bike Fit Calculator Stack And Reach References


Bike Fit Calculator Stack And Reach References. Comparing stack and reach makes things easier by giving you a straightforward method of comparing different bikes. Toggle help the calculated reach and stack values are only approximate values.

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The measurement you have just taken will be your reach. Mountain bike frames are smaller than road bike frames. Bicycle fit is mostly about putting the contact points between rider and bike (saddle, handlebars and pedals) into the correct positions with regard to the rider's body.

Wheel Size(1) Tire Size(1.5) Bb Drop(2) Fork Length(3) Fork Offset(4) Top Tube.

In the example from pictures above, stack is: Locate the pivot of the arm to shoulder point and measure from this point to the center of the object, which should fall in line with your knuckles. Comparing stack and reach makes things easier by giving you a straightforward way of comparing different bikes.

Test Size And Fit Of A Frame Before Buying.

An average ratio of 1.5:1 (average of 14:1 + 15:1 + 16:1) misrepresents 2/3 of the sizes in this case. Road frame size = inseam [cm] x 0.67. This is the formula created in the '80s by cyrille guimard, famous french coach and former pro cyclist.

Mountain Bike Frames Are Smaller Than Road Bike Frames.

Slowtwitch forum members too often (justifiably) complain. Compare and/or match fit of two bikes. “fake news — there’s ‘horizontal’ top tube,” the crowd.

You Will See Many Manufacturers Now Quote Their Bike’s Size In Stack And Reach.

The flaw in this logic is evident if we try this on the example bike from the table above; A comprehensive bike fit requires an experienced third party to interview, measure, observe, assess and interpret the myriad factors that influence an optimal bike fit, and work with the rider to achieve a happy relationship. This fit's just for you.

A 54Cm Cannondale Systemsix Race Bike Has A Very Different Fit From A 54Cm Cannondale Synapse Endurance Bike, For Example.

You can use online calculators such as to input measurements—useful if you’re shopping for a new bike, say, and only have a geometry chart to go off, rather than a physical bike to measure against. You must have the tools to accurately find the stack and reach of the bike that fits under the rider. Subtract larger from the smaller measurement and that gives the reach.

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