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1920S Mens Hair Products. Back in the days when slicking your hair back or sweeping it to the side were the most common hairstyles (i.e. These household protectors continued to be popular into the 1940s and 1950s when sticky wax pomades replaced the light oil brilliantine.

55 Best 1920's Hairstyles For Men Classic Looks (2021) from machohairstyles.com

It was an effortless, classy era of men’s fashion that paved the way for many of our more modern styles. The 1920s version was not meant to hold a shape so much as smooth and flatten. So let’s start from the top.

Apart From The Influence Of The War, The Other Reason Why Men In The 1920S Cut Their Hair Short Is That They Pursued The Dressing Fashion With Hats.

In the main, suits were made with thick wool, wool tweed, mohair, wool flannel, or corduroy. In 1907, french chemist, eugene schueller developed a hair dye based on a synthetic formulation of paraphenylenadiamine, which he called aureole. In the 1920s, most men kept their hair short on the sides and longer on top, with the neck left bare.

These Household Protectors Continued To Be Popular Into The 1940S And 1950S When Sticky Wax Pomades Replaced The Light Oil Brilliantine.

Thus they got that hairstyle by using the gel, hair creams, pomade or tonics. This parting usually made at the center of the head, but also could be parted slightly off center. The 1920s version was not meant to hold a shape so much as smooth and flatten.

This Cut Is Sometimes Referred To As An Undercut.

The sides are kept short, while the top part is left long enough for styling. 1920’s men’s hairstyles are just amazing. 1920s men's hairstyles and products history.

It Was An Effortless, Classy Era Of Men’s Fashion That Paved The Way For Many Of Our More Modern Styles.

Over time, this look morphed into a classic side part, but the slicked aesthetic stayed. Many men enjoyed a center part and used a classic comb to create the perfect part so that their hair had a defined section either in the center or on the side. The most popular men’s hair product during this time period was a thick pomade used to keep hair in its place.

Back Then, Males Did Too Only They Called It Things Like Helmet Head And Patent Leather Hair.

Poor men would sometimes used cheaper petroleum jelly instead of the luxurious brilliantine. Brilliantine was the major hair product of the 1920s. Throughout the 1920s, men's hair was slick, smooth, and combed back against the head.

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